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In 50 Words: Delivery Hero in early negotiations to sell Foodpanda to Grab for over $1.1bn
Delivery Hero is considering selling Foodpanda's operations in certain Southeast Asian markets.

In 50 Words: Tony Fernandes’ super app rebrand raises doubts
The Malaysian tycoon's move to restructure his digital business may be too little, too late.

Foreign VC investment in China plummets 68% in 2022
Firms in the Greater China region closed 765 deals from non-Chinese investors for the year, a 32% drop from 2021, according to a PitchBook report.

In 50 Words: GIC in talks to lead $40m round of India-based Vegrow
The current negotiations value the fruit marketplace at nearly US$250 million.

Indonesian agritech startup EdenFarm pivots, lays off 300 employees
The company will stop distributing fresh produce to B2B customers and instead focus on TuangTuang, a brand of packaged seasonings it just launched.

In 50 Words: MUFG Bank joins $290m round of US space firm
Sierra Space aims to establish a commercial spaceport in Japan's Oita region.

Foodpanda vs. natural selection
We look into layoffs at Foodpanda amid rumors of its potential sale and what awaits TikTok Shop as Indonesia announces new ecommerce rules this week.

These are the most active investors in Hong Kong’s startups
Which investors are writing the most checks to Hong Kong's startups?

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My Apple AirTags Gave Me Peace of Mind Throughout My Vacation - and They're on Sale

woman holding Apple Airtags in her hand

If you've been online recently, you've likely heard about all the turmoil going on at airports all across the globe. From staffing shortages to flight delays and cancellations, traveling this year has been turbulent, to say the least. I recently went on vacation in Europe, and though I'm typically a carry-on-only type of traveler (last summer I went around the US for three weeks with just a carry-on suitcase), there were too many events, destinations, and climates on this trip, so a checked bag was required. Though we didn't have any issues getting to Europe from the US, it was impossible not to notice the swarms of people and mountains of bags piled up at the airport while we waited at baggage claim. On the way home, I panicked, and ordered Apple AirTags ($89, originally $99) for my whole family. They made our experience getting home so much less stressful, and I'd recommend them to anyone traveling right now.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / India Yaffe

What I Like About Apple AirTags

I thought these little devices were brilliant. They're tiny; all four fit in the palm of my hand, as shown above. They took about 30 seconds to set up; all you need is your iPhone close by, and they pair automatically. I bought a four-pack because my family had four checked bags, and I named each one for the colored luggage tag on each bag, so I would know which was which. Using the Find My app that's installed on all iPhones, I was able to track our bags from check-in until takeoff, and again when we landed back in the states. I saw them all together in the European airport, and I was even able to track, based on an airport map, that they moved with us when we had to change planes due to an electrical issue. Sure, I was a little paranoid, but it made me feel that much better after hearing about almost everyone I knew losing their luggage. When we landed, I was able to see one of the Apple Airtags ($29) immediately at our airport, which gave me peace of mind knowing the others would follow shortly, which they did. They're affordable and easy to use; I'll be taking them with me on every trip.

Image Source: Apple

What's Worth Noting About Apple AirTags

There is an important distinction to be made about Apple AirTags ($28); when something is far away, like for example, at the bottom of an airplane, the technology relies on the Find My Network from all kinds of other Apple devices to help pick it up. For a traveler, this means that if your item was left at an airport, it will likely pick up a signal, but if it's in cargo, where there theoretically aren't lots of other Apple devices turned on, it might not locate. Once it gets in better range, where there are more devices around it, it will pick up the location.

Who Apple AirTags Are Best For

These devices are best for people who travel a lot, or who are always misplacing things like their keys or wallet. They're also best for people with Apple devices, as they pair automatically with your iPhone.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / India Yaffe

Additional Details

If you buy Apple AirTags ($30) from the Apple store, they can be delivered to your home or business for a small fee. I paid $8 and had them sent directly to my house; they arrived in less than two hours, and saved me so much stress. You can also name each AirTag anything you like, and use a corresponding emoji, so you'll always know which is which.

Where Apple AirTags Are Available

You can find Apple AirTags at the Apple website, as well as Walmart ($29) and Target ($30).

2 Editors Put the Popular iWalk Portable Charger to the Test

Whether we're traveling, heading to work, or simply out and about, it seems like our phone batteries can barely last a day. All it takes is streaming one YouTube video or a 10-minute scroll on TikTok to wipe your phone to 50 percent. Carrying a charger with you wherever you go is the smart thing to do, but sometimes an outlet isn't as easily accessible, and most of the time, we'll forget our charger altogether. Enter portable chargers and power banks. These nifty gadgets can store enough energy to fuel up your phone on the go. Having a reliable portable charger can be a game-changer, especially when you get that dreaded 20 percent low battery notification in the middle of the day. From bar hopping and fun nights out or spending the day exploring to surviving layovers or long-haul flights, a portable charger will come to the rescue when you need it most.

However, power banks aren't made equal; some can provide three days' worth of charging, while others offer wireless charging for a cord-free experience. Most of the time these gadgets are pretty hefty and practically the xxxx of our phones, which isn't ideal for those carrying smaller bags. But then, we discovered the viral iWalk portable charge ($35) that is the xxxx of a lipstick tube and directly connects to your phone - no wires or cables needed. Depending on the model you get, it can charge your phone up to a few hours or fully once throughout the day, so you'll be able to get home with enough battery on hand. Plus, these power banks charge by using the universally standard USB-C ports.

Two of our editors tried and tested the iWalk portable charger to see what the hype is all about. Ahead, you can read why this is their new go-to.

10 Free Pokémon Pumpkin-Carving Stencils

Pokémon transcends generations. Whether you dueled with cards on the playground or peacefully watched the series at home while growing up, Halloween is the perfect occasion to unleash your inner Pokémon trainer. These Pokémon pumpkin stencils are the perfect excuse to carve a Pokémon jack-o'-lantern before you don that Pikachu Halloween costume.

Pumpkin carving is a top tier Halloween tradition, but finding inspiration can be difficult. Instead of carving out a witch, a ghost, or a vampire, these Pokémon pumpkin-carving templates by Morgan Pugh add a unique twist. Don't be surprised if your neighbors do a double take upon seeing Bulbasaur, Snorlax, or Jigglypuff chilling outside your doorstep. You can even carve out Zubats on all of your mini pumpkins to line your driveway or windowsill for some additional spooky Halloween decor.

To download the Pokémon pumpkin stencils, simply right click on each image ahead and hit "Save As." The designs range from easy to complex, but feel free to add your own creative touches. You can even get your friends and family involved by downloading all of the Pokémon pumpkin stencils and hosting a Pokémon pumpkin-carving contest. Loser Winner gets to dress like Ash Ketchum or Team Rocket. After all, if the series taught us anything, it's that a little friendly competition can be fun.

If you still consider yourself new to the whimsical and engaging Pokémon world, that's fine, too - you're always welcome to join in and pick your Pokémon companion. We weren't able to secure templates for all 1,000+ species, but there are definitely a few fan favorites in the mix to choose from.

Select your preferred level of difficulty and see all the Pokémon pumpkin-carving stencils available to download ahead.

- Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes, Melissa Santoyo, and Chanel Vargas

10 Tips to Avoid Tech and Communication Chaos During Mercury Retrograde

Technology Tips Avoid Miscommunication Retrograde

The beginning of the end is near. Just kidding, it's only Mercury retrograde. Mercury is the planet of communication, "which rules gossip, information, technology, news, and travel," says Lisa Stardust, astrologer and author of "The Love Deck." And when it's retrograde, we can expect setbacks in all the areas of life the planet is said to govern.

If you're reading this post, then you probably tend to use technology for the majority of your communication. Cell phones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, desktops, and any other technological forms of communication you typically use will be affected every Mercury retrograde, according to astrologer Narayana Montúfar, author of "Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power."

It might sound super negative, but Mercury retrogrades are a great opportunity for you to "rework anything that's no longer working for you," astrologer Maressa Brown says. This means it's a perfect time for you to make sure your communication methods are fine-tuned to your needs, so you can avoid any annoying inconveniences Mercury tries to throw your way.

To help you get through the next Mercury retrograde without any tech- or text-related slip-ups, here are 10 tips from Montúfar, Stardust, and Brown. Granted, a lot of these tips are smart to keep in mind even during temperate astro-weather, but they'll come in extra clutch when Merc is doing its thing.

  1. Avoid Texting About Important Topics: To avoid any miscommunication, Montúfar says to call - not text - someone when you have something important to say. Being clear over the phone can be more effective than using your go-to emoji in a text. "I know people don't like phone calls, but I feel like phone calls could really help prevent miscommunications," Montúfar explains.
  2. Sing Before Your Next Phone Call: If you ever feel like a cat's got your tongue before you answer the phone or make a call, try singing. Seriously. Belt out a line or two of whatever's stuck in your head. (May we suggest a BTS bop?) "The best way to speak your truth and really cleanse your throat chakra is to sing," Stardust says. This should help you articulate exactly what you want to say.
  3. Carry a Portable Charger: Montúfar advises that you should carry a portable charger, especially when you're expecting an important call. Don't let your phone, laptop, or smartwatch hit one percent while you're out - not during Mercury retrograde.
  4. Back Up Your Files: Have an important presentation? Back up your files. Whether you're backing up to the cloud, emailing your presentation to yourself, or loading your documents onto a USB, you'll want to avoid "scrambling at the last minute" to find your files during Mercury retrograde, Montúfar says.
  5. Don't Get Lost in Your Inbox: "Keeping track of emails, texts, calls, and chats can already be a challenge, but once Mercury retrograde comes into full effect, cue the lost emails and misunderstandings," Brown says. "Creating rules in Outlook, for example, can help you stay organized." No matter which platform you use for your emails, Brown recommends organizing them to stay focused and make sure you can respond to people on time.
  6. Close Your Tabs and Apps: "Closing Zoom windows is super important right after a meeting so you don't have an embarrassing moment," Montúfar says. Equally as important: closing your tabs before a meeting so nothing weird pops up when you need to share your screen.
  7. Double-Check Everything: "Avoid the classic Mercury retrograde pain point: silly mistakes," Brown says. She recommends drafting your post, email, or whatever; stepping away for a bit; then coming back to it to make sure everything you wrote makes sense. (Spell check is also your friend right now.)
  8. Don't Scroll Your FYP Before Bed: We know, an evening TikTok FYP ("For You page") scroll is so tempting, but you're going to want to avoid doing that during a retrograde. "The electricity's going to mess with your sleep, because you're thinking a lot during Mercury retrograde . . . so you don't want to be exposed to technology before going to bed" to have a peaceful night's sleep, Montúfar says.
  9. Get to Your Online Meetings Early: Being early for your meetings will ensure you avoid any last-minute tech mishaps. "Definitely get there early, even if it's on Zoom. Be prepared," Montúfar advises. That way, you know that your camera and headphones work, your background looks professional, you can't see the sweatpants you have on, and you're ready to share your screen if needed.
  10. Give Your Electronics an Energetic Cleanse: Stardust recommends giving your electronics an energetic cleanse to prevent having people pry into your life via them. Now, how do you energetically cleanse your electronics? Naturally, with a black tourmaline stone, Stardust says. "Black tourmaline is really good for cleansing and protection. So what I like to do is to take my computer, my iPad, my phone, and I stack them one on top of the other, and I'll put the stone over them overnight while I'm sleeping," she explains. Just make sure you cover the stone with a cloth, Stardust warns. "People that are trying to 'look into your life' actually can do it if you have that stone exposed."

Sydney Sweeney Declares Flip Phones Are Back

sydney sweeney holding galaxy z flip 5 phone

Sydney Sweeney is constantly searching for her next adventure. Whether it's taking on unexpected film projects, honing in on her hobby of fixing vintage cars, or experimenting with a daring fashion trend, she likes to change things up. That approach extends to her choice in technology as well: the Emmy-nominated actor recently made the switch to an Android phone, specifically the new Galaxy Z Flip5, which she is the face of.

POPSUGAR chatted with Sweeney on July 26 ahead of Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event in Seoul, Korea, where the tech company announced its latest releases: two foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5; the Watch6 smartwatch; and the Tab S9 Ultra tablet. Wearing a chic minidress by Korean designer Rokh and rocking the sleekest of ponies, Sweeney spoke about how she spends her time off, her passion for restoring vintage cars, and why flip phones are officially back.

"[H]anging up on somebody with a flip phone is a lot more fun."

"I feel very Y2K," Sweeney says, flipping open her new Galaxy phone decked out with pink charms and a keychain. "Plus hanging up on somebody with a flip phone is a lot more fun." Though Samsung released its first foldable smartphone in 2020, the most exciting upgrade to the new Z Flip5 - and Sweeney's favorite feature - is the external cover screen known as the Flex Window. You can take selfies on and customize the outer screen with various backgrounds and widgets, and the clamshell design opens into a regular, full-xxxx screen. Basically, you've got the look of a '90s flip phone with the capabilities of a 2023 smartphone.

sydney sweeney taking photos with galaxy z flip 5 phone

"I've never seen another phone have that," she says. "I love being able to just use so many different screens and I love the camera, especially being able to take photos without even pressing any buttons." It helps that she's the face of the device, after all, but despite my concerns of friends giving her sh*t for sending green texts, she assures it's been a "smooth transition." (She recently got WhatsApp, and it's quickly become her most-used app.)

She surprisingly spends a hefty amount of time scrolling through Pinterest on her phone. But instead of searching for home or recipe inspo, she has a mood board for car interiors. "I like to try and find different aspects," she says. "For my Bronco that I built, there are these really cool pouches on the sides of the doors that have old vintage suitcase clips. That wasn't a thing that Bronco created; I actually designed it. I love finding inspiration like that." Back in 2021, fans were fascinated when she revealed she collected old, rare models and restored cars herself by way of her TikTok, @syds_garage. While she's not quite ready to reveal her next restoration project, she teases it's "definitely a dream car of mine."

It seems Sweeney is drawn to breaking through typically men-dominated hobbies. She's previously spoken about feeling empowered fixing up cars, and her eyes light up as she shows me videos of her slalom skiing. "The moment I could walk, my mom threw me in the water and put me on skis," she says. "Women can do anything men can do, but in heels."

As for her next adventure, after two years of back-to-back filming New Mexico, Australia, Italy, and more, she's looking forward to spending time at home in LA, where she plans to fix up a new car. But it's clear the break won't be long; there's "so much more" she wants to achieve. When I ask her what she's inspired by, she says she's always thinking about who the 30- and 40-year-old versions of herself would want her to be. "I hope my 30-year-old self is a successful, powerhouse female and looks back and is like, 'I'm proud of the decisions you made.'"

63 Nerdy Couples' Costumes to Show Off Your Passion For Cosplay and Anime

Halloween is approaching, and we're already geeking. This upcoming spooky season, draw inspiration from your inner nerd and let your couples' costume speak to who you really are. Whether you're planning on spending most of the spooky season indoors playing Halloween games, or you've already got a long list of Halloween parties to attend, a nerdy couples' costume might be for you. Stand out from the crowd with creative couples' cosplay ideas you can easily DIY from the comfort of your own home.

Although the classic Halloween costumes have yet to let us down, this year we challenge you to opt for something that speaks a little more to your own shared interests (no matter how nerdy they may be). Maybe you both love watching anime together, or you want to pay homage to one of your favorite video games. Either way, these nerdy couples' costumes will have you looking like you just left Comic-Con in the best way possible. As an added bonus, each one is specifically designed to wear alongside your significant other, so you can celebrate Halloween in complementary costumes.

If you're already one half of a nerdy duo, it's time to get extra geeky with your creative Halloween costumes. Cosplay costumes might be a little on the niche side, but that's the true beauty of these ideas. See which trick-or-treaters get your references with costume inspiration from the tech world, popular comics, and sci-fi characters. The hardest part will be agreeing on just one favorite.

- Additional reporting by Chandler Plante

Shop These Colorful Keyboards You've Seen All Over TikTok

Whether or not you're tech savvy, the colorful keyboards you've likely seen all over your TikTok For You Page are hard to resist. From the mesmerizing backlit LED lights to the eclectic and playful keys, it's no surprise that colorful keyboards have gained immense popularity. Gone are the days of monotonous, dull keyboards. These cute keyboards easily liven up your desk setup with their vibrant colorways, whether it's your home office or gaming setup. We curated the coolest and best colorful keyboards that will not only enhance your typing experience but also add a touch of vibrancy to your desk.

From classic silhouettes to retro steampunk-style keyboards to those that look like a modern-day typewriter, there are a ton of options to choose from that are a perfect fit for your vibe. For the ASMR-lovers out there, these keyboards deliver the most satisfying sounds and feel, including a soothing clicking sound, soft-to-the-touch keys, and even ones that feel like a fidget popper. If you're looking for something that will illuminate your space a night, we found a few equipped with customizable LED lighting functions that will turn your setup into a giant rainbow. If you want to level up your tech setup, keep reading to shop our top picks ahead.

- Additional reporting by Theresa Massony

9 Robot Vacuums and Mops That Make Chores a Breeze

Keeping your floors and carpets clean is challenging, especially if you have a busy household with rambunctious pets, messy kids - you name it. Manually vacuuming and mopping are two household chores we're not too fond of, and given you've landed on this article, we assume you might think the same. Maintaining a clean home famously takes a lot of work, but there are ways to work smarter. For example: Investing in a robot vacuum and mop can make your life significantly easier by ridding your floors of dust, debris, or even spilled wine.

Ahead, we saved you the trouble of doing robot research and rounded up the best vacuum cleaners and mops on the market. We found options at varying prices to suit every lifestyle so that you can find the best one for you. If you have pets, we found options that trap pet hair, dander, and more. Plus, we found some that work great on all types of flooring, from hardwood to carpet. And that's not all: some have both vacuuming and mopping capabilities. Cool, right? With features like spatial mapping, smart-home integration, and self-emptying capabilities, maintaining a clean home became much easier. Shop our top picks ahead.

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